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About Us
Why Does Island Learning Center Exist?  To Teach - Young and Old.






"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets."
"The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions."  -- Leonardo da Vinci

When I started Island Learning Center, the goal was to learn and teach.  Learn what?  Teach what?  Well...people of all ages, including myself, need help in different ways -- even though we may not realize it.  Let me explain...this may be a tough concept.  Have you ever heard the saying, "You don't know what you don't know?"  What does that even mean?  It means you are smart, talented, and maybe well-read.  But, you haven't had exposure to the potential the world holds, or shown a way to attain your goals.

Our individual lives are so incredibly limited, especially when we are young, when compared to the billions of people who have come before us.  Think about this...  Our universe is the sum of everything we've ever experienced; our family, friends, teachers, the people we've met or passed on the street, where we've lived, places we've traveled, everything we have read or seen (movies, TV, Internet), the music we hear...even the food we've eaten.  The older we get, the more this seems like a lot of stuff over the years.  IT'S NOT.  Each of us lives in a tiny bubble.  My goal is to expand the universe for each us -- for young and old alike.  The destination is a broader horizon where you can realize (sooner rather than later) the amazing possibilities that exist -- so you can make the conscious decision to attain them.  Island Learning Center will reveal the path.

What makes a person smart or intelligent?  What makes you wise or knowledgeable?  We all have strengths -- gifts -- in different areas.  What we do with those gifts will determine our path in life.  To deny those gifts is to shortchange yourself.  Don't allow your environment to dictate or misdirect you from your strengths...from your potential...from setting and attaining your goals.  Remember, it's not about where you have come from, it's about what you are made of and where you are going that counts.

I can't teach you to be smart, but I can teach you to make smart choices based on the mistakes that I -- and others -- have made throughout our lives.

I can't teach you to be intelligent, but I can present you with the ideas and concepts of intelligent people and teach you to listen.

I can't teach you to be wise, but I can share with you the path that wise people have taken so you can apply that wisdom to your situation.

I can't make you knowledgeable, but I can help you open your mind to knowledge by bringing you experts with vast and practical knowledge from around the world.

The topics we will cover are limitless, but we'll start with information that can make an immediate impact on our daily lives; how to make more money, invest properly, keep your money by using all available strategies; how to change and improve your life; how to set and achieve goals; how to live a rewarding and generous life with family and friends; and how to safeguard your financial legacy for generations to come.  We'll also start by detailing the lives of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.


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